Thursday, March 21, 2013

One Day More......

Hey Guys!
Sorry for the lack of post yesterday! I was going to sit down and write some fan fic but I was really not feeling very well so I went to bed early. I'll be writing some of ~Beyond the Barricade~ tonight, so be on the look out for that!
I wanted to share with you guys my new shirts I got just in time for the release. I was worried that they wouldn't come! But they did:)
This one is my personal favorite;) I designed it myself! (And will be wearing it tomorrow!)


And then, of course, being the Tveiter I am:
I am so ready for tomorrow!
Unfortunately I won't get to go to Target until after school (Reason 24601 why I miss being homeschooled!) Still, only a few hours until I can call Les Miserables mine! (I'm trying to see the glass half full).

I will be starting on Joly fan fiction soon!!

How are you guys planning on watching Les Miserables? I'm going to probably watch it with my Mom tomorrow and *hopefully* on Sunday, my friend will be able to come and watch it!

I also can't wait for this summer because my Best Friend is coming and I'm going to introduce her to Les Miserables! She's not sure if she'll like it because she's a big Phantom of the Opera Phan and doesn't think any musical is better! (I love Phantom as well (I introduced her to Phantom last summer) but I like Les Miserables more. It has a more entricate and emotional storyline!)

One more dawn, one more day, ONE DAY MORE!!!!!

Over and Out!


  1. :O I WANT THEM BOTH. Sorry, goodness they're both so beautiful.

    1. Thank you! I had like 6 people ask me what my Les Amis t-shirt meant. After I told them, I'm pretty sure they wanted to put me in a metal institution....Ha, the people who aren't in the fandom really don't understand how amazing it is!