Sunday, March 24, 2013


Hey guys!

Okay, so I have watched Les Miserables two times this weekend with people who weren't really familiar with the story. Both really liked it, but they both said the same thing: "Javert is the villain. I seriously have no compassion for him!"


I know, I know.....

I honestly love Javert. He's not my favorite character by any means but still, he's as damaged as the others. They all get compassion and he doesn't? That's not very fair.....

Some may see a cruel man of the law who will hunt a convict through thick and thin. But I see a mislead man who was given a false view of right and wrong. I see someone who, after being told his view were wrong, was confused and not even sure what to believe anymore. I see someone who realized he had just spent 20 (More or less) years tracking down someone who was honestly a good person, not a horrible convict who could never change. I see a man who then gives up because he's spent so long believing something wrong and doesn't think or WANT to believing anything different.

Javert's death is honestly the death that makes me the most sad. To see this strong, headfast man just give up.....Well, it's sad.

What are your opinions on Javert. Is he a villain to you or is he simply misunderstood?

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