Thursday, March 28, 2013


Okay, so I was watching Les Miserables again today [No, I really don't have a life outside of Les Mis] and I noticed something....

During the Thenardiers part in One Day More, Madame Thenardiers kisses Joly. And after she does, Joly runs up the stairs.... What do you want to bet he had to go disinfect himself after that exchange? Oh I love Joly, I'll be writing a story about him sometime soon!

Over and Out!


  1. Haha! I always noticed that too! Plus he looks really horrified when she does... :D I love Joly. A lot. OOh! Please do one with him! That would be amazing! :D

    P.S. It was fun chatting with you last night!

    1. Joly is utterly amazing. I was watching it with a friend (she's seen the movie several times but that's it. She hasn't read the brick or anything) And I'm like, "HAHA! Look at Joly's facial expressions!" And she looks at me and says, "Who is Joly?" I forget that if you don't read the book, you don't get those *somewhat* in depth moments with those characters or even know their names!

      I had a great time chatting with you as well! We shall have to do it again sometime!:)

  2. I understand that! My sister {who doesn't really like the movie and hasn't read the brick} only knows about three of them....the doctor {and she finally knows his name! Eeek! VICTORY!!! Well, after she quit calling him "jolly".... -_-}, the Drunk, and Enjolras. *grin* It's rather humorous actually....But yeah, after reading all the stuff about them in the Brick, I can't imagine watching that movie and now knowing who they all are! O.O

    Aye, that sounds grand!