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~Beyond the Barricade~ Part 7....

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How have you guys been? I haven't posted in awhile, sorry about that. But since I'm on Easter Break, starting Thursday, I'll probably be posting a lot. I'm planning on spending my 6 day weekend watching Les Miserables (What else), Sherlock, and reading some books. I'll be writing a lot too! Okay, so about a week or so ago, I wrote a guest post on a blog called At The Barricades. It's an amazing blog where girls can go fangirl together. I am now an author on this blog! You can read my post here! It's a great blog! Also, if any of you want to guest post, just comment on my post on that blog (Or any others, for that matter!) and ask for the specifics and the blog creator will give you the info!

Okay, here we go, ~Beyond the Barricade~ Part 7!

~Beyond the Barricade~ Part 7

"I think we should look for the Thénardiers next." Angeline said, her head resting on Chandler's shoulder. It was mid-afternoon and they felt they should look for someone, though they would rather sit on a park bench and talk for hours. There would be time for that when they were toward the end of the list. Chandler nodded. There was only a few Thénardiers in Paris, so they started off on their quest. Hands always clasped. He didn't seem to Angeline at all the man he was just a day before. And honestly, Chandler didn't feel like the same person he was that day. He felt happier, more confident with Angeline. He knew she wouldn't judge him just because he was in the lower class.

"Who do you think the Thénardiers are?" Chandler wondered out loud.  

"I don't know, I just know their son and daughter were on the Barricade." Angeline replied.

"Daughter?!" Chandler asked, bewildered.

"What? You don't think that women can fight for what they believe in?" Angeline asked accusingly.

"No, that's not what I'm saying--" Chandler started but Angeline interrupted.

"Or should they just not have any opinions?"

"Angeline! That's not what I meant! Goodness! If you'd let me finish, I was going to say I am surprised they let a girl on the barricade!" Chandler said, angrily. Angeline had pulled her head from his shoulder. A large gap filled the space between them. They were both too stubborn to apologize to the other. They felt bad, of course, for the way they had treated the other, but they had too much pride to apologize. They found the first address. Chandler knocked. Angeline let out an annoyed breath. She looked straight ahead, not making eye contact. The door opened and a voice hacked,

"Look, I told you I ain't got any--"   

A woman in her mid-thirties stepped out.

"You ain't rent collectors, are ya?" She asked.

"No, Madame. We're looking for someone who had relatives by the names of Eponine and Gavroche." Angeline said. The woman grew pale.

"Those were my siblings. Why are you here?" She asked.

"My father was on the barricade. So was her's." Chandler said, glancing at Angeline, who still looked mad at him. Goodness, he made a comment, she took it the wrong way! What was he supposed to do?

"You're Marius' daughter, aren't you? You look just like him!" The woman said in wonder. Then she turned to Chandler. "And you're Courfeyrac's son. I didn't know he had one but you're the spitting image of him." She looked them from one to the other. "Well, come on in!"

Chandler and Angeline entered the house. It was in the same conditions as Maria's house, except more disorganized.

"So, let me guess. Marius won't tell you a thing about the night on the Barricade. I could barely get a thing out of him." The woman laughed. Chandler and Angeline looked at each other, forgetting for a second that they were mad. Who was this woman?

"Um, Pardon, but who, may I ask, are you?" Angeline asked.

"I'm Azelma. 'Ponine and Gavroche's sister." She said, simply.

"Oh. Well, then what were they like? I want to know everything about them." Angeline inquired.

"Well, honestly, I don't know much. I was never very close to either of them. Gavroche left home at a very early age and Eponine had a lot of friends who she stayed with quite often. Gavroche was funny. He would show up and then disappear at random moments. I think I miss him the most.

"Eponine was very beautiful. I miss her as well. She was very loyal to her friends. Especially your father. She was in love with him. That's how she died. She took a bullet for him and then died in his arms." Azelma said, wiping a tear from her eyes. Angeline was speechless. Eponine Thénardiers died in her father's arms? Eponine Thénardiers had been in love with her father?! Chandler could see how this revelation was affecting Angeline so he took her hand and  squeezed. She smiled at him, and he knew that their tiff was over.

"Gavroche was shot twice by the National Guard. He was looking for gun powder and was shot. Twice." Azelma said.

"So did you know anyone else on the Barricade?" Chandler asked.

"Yes. There was Combeferre. He was always very kind to me. Now it's my turn to ask questions. Are you out here all by yourselves?"

"I'm 23, Madame. I am old enough to be by myself." Chandler countered.

"Does your father know you're here?" Azelma asked Angeline.

"No, and please do not tell him." Angeline replied.

"Don't worry, I won't. So are you looking for people who knew all of the men on the Barricade?" Azelma asked.

"Yes. So far we've found three. I found Courfeyrac's (obviously), and he and I found Enjolras' and Grantaire's." Angeline replied.

"Well, I don't think Combeferre really had anyone, at least, no one he told me about. Feuilly was an orphan and really didn't have anyone. Joly...I'm sure you can find someone for Joly. Not sure about Barhol. I know Jehan had a lover and....." Azelma said but Angeline cut her off.

"I thought you didn't know much about the men?"

"Well, I knew them, just not very well. I spent many days in that Cafe with Combeferre and my sister." Azelma said.

"Well, it was nice to meet you." Chandler cut in. Azelma and Angeline were too much alike. They would fight if they were around each other very long. Their opinions would get the better of them.

"Wait! You need a place to stay. Don't tell me you'll be staying outside again. I can tell you've done that once or twice. Stay here. I don't mind. I've been rather lonely, actually." Azelma said. Angeline smiled and turned to Chandler.

"I think we should stay here. I really don't want to sleep out in the cold again." Angeline whispered.

"Well, then, I guess we'll stay here tonight."


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