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Combeferre story~ part 3

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The title says it all!

As Combeferre and Azelma entered the cafe, Eponine ran towards them. She had seen them coming through the window and rushed to greet them.

"Oh, Azelma! Oh, my sister, how I've missed you so much!" She said, flinging her arms around the younger girl's neck. Azelma hugged back.

"I'm sorry I was stubborn, and wouldn't go with you, 'Ponine." Azelma sobbed.

"It is fine, my dear. I'm just so glad you're back. My goodness, I've missed you so. I didn't realize how much until you came here." Eponine said, crying a bit. She turned to Combeferre.

"And you, thank you for finding her." Eponine said.

"It was no problem whatsoever, Eponine." Combeferre said modestly. Eponine led her sister over to a chair, and then realized she wasn't walking on her right foot.

"Azelma, what is wrong? Why aren't you walking on your foot?" Eponine asked,

"Well, last night, the house I had scouted out for Papa to rob, the people had returned. His thugs were trying to attack me but thankfully Combeferre was passing by and saved me." Azelma smiled.

"Is your foot broken?" Eponine inquired.

"Joly says it isn't. She just needs to stay off of it for awhile." Combeferre explained.

"Well, thank goodness you were there, Combeferre. I can never thank you enough for saving her and letting her stay with you." Eponine said.

"No thanks is necessary." Combeferre blushed.

Eponine lead Azelma to a corner where they talked  quietly. Every few minutes Azelma would glance Combeferre's way.

Jehan came and sat down by Combeferre.

"You are in love with Azelma, aren't you?" Jehan asked.

"Of course not! I helped her because she was in need. Nothing more. Goodness, Jehan, such ideas you have!" Combeferre stuttered.

"Listen, Combeferre, I can tell love when I see it. You are in love with Azelma, friend, And by the way she's looking at you, she loves you as well." Jehan pointed out. Combeferre sighed.

"Maybe I am, Jehan, but it doesn't matter. I'm going to die on the barricade when it arises and I don't want to leave any ties."

"I don't think that's right, Combeferre. I think you should leave some ties. You cannot just isolate yourself from everyone and everything until the barricades come. You could be isolating yourself for goodness knows how long. Don't do that to yourself." Jehan said gently.

"How would you know, Jehan?" Combeferre said, more irritated than he meant to sound.

"I am in love, Combeferre. I could just never talk to her again because I have a feeling I'll die on the barricades. I could just leave her without explaining why. But I'm not going to. I want to fill every one of my last moments with her. Sure, I have a feeling it's going to end up with me dead and she heartbroken. But, I'd rather end like that, knowing I had made the best of my last moments. With her." Jehan explained.

"Oh, Jehan. I am sorry. I had no idea." Combeferre said, feeling guilty. He hadn't meant to lose his temper with Jehan. He was just a bit stressed out. This revolution was getting the better of him. He didn't know how Enjolras stayed calm most of the time.

"What do I do, Jehan? I am in love with Azelma. I want her to know, but she's lost so much. Her family, all of her family except for Eponine. I don't want her to be devastated when I die." Combeferre said.

"My friend, you do not know you are going to die. Live in the moment, Combeferre. Don't worry about the 'maybes' and live for the 'yes!'" Jehan said.

"I think I need to go get some air." Combeferre said and Jehan nodded in understanding.

Combeferre walked out of the Cafe and was just about to turn out of the narrow street where the Cafe was located when he heard someone shout his name.

"Combeferre!" Azelma called. Combeferre turned around and watched as she limped toward him. She is so beautiful. Combeferre thought. The girl reached him.

"What are you doing out here, Azelma. You should go inside." Combeferre said.

"Why are you leaving, Combeferre?" Azelma asked.

"I just need to get out for a bit." Combeferre said. Azelma nodded and turned to leave. But she turned back. She stared at Combeferre for a bit and then kissed him. She took him by complete and total surprise. After a few moments, she pulled away with a look of mortification, as if she couldn't believe she had done that. She limped fastly back to the Cafe.

"Azelma! Wait! Azelma!" Combeferre called but Azelma refused to turn around. Instead of running after her, Combeferre decided to let her have her time. He would talk to her tomorrow and tell her how he felt.... He would tell her that he loved her.     

Is it kinda obvious in all my stories that I'm in love with Jehan Prouvaire? Because it seems to shine through in a majority of my stories......

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