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Jehan fanfiction....

This is one of my favorite barricade boys so I had to write a fanfic about him. I must warn you, it is really heartbreaking. I basically crying at my computer while I was writing. I hope you enjoy. Yes, I know some of my things don't add up but this is my first Les Mis fan fiction I've written that takes place during the events of the book/musical/movie, not after. So please forgive my mess-ups and Enjoy!
~Jehan Fan Fiction~

Jehan Prouvaire walked down the dark streets of Paris. He was holding a bundle of flowers and a single slip of paper was in his hand. He was on his way to see his beloved Alix. The words from the meeting he had just emerged from were still in his head. Jehan was a part of the Les Amis de l'ABC or the Friends of the ABC. They were planning on overthrowing the unjust governmental system of France. They were just waiting on a sign. He had slipped out of the Cafe Mussian as soon as he possibly could. Tonight he hadn't been asked where he was going. Usually at least one of his friend's spotted him slipping out and asked where he was going. He would blush and say to visit a friend. But his friends had guessed it was a certain girl. Jehan did not feel as though he could tell them about the woman he was in love with. He had heard them tease his friend, Marius, over the fact that he was in love with a girl named Cosette. Jehan had never understood exactly why the treated Marius like that, because he knew very well that all of the men, except Enjolras, had someone special. Still, he had seen the distaining looks Enjolras threw at Marius, telling him that he 'doesn't care about your lonely soul'. Jehan didn't want that to happen to him so he kept his dearest to himself. But he was so in love with her that someday he felt he would practically burst if he didn't tell someone about his love. That was how he became such good friends with the young girl who hung around the Cafe some days. The girl, Eponine, listened to every word Jehan said. She was a good listener. She promised to never tell anyone about Alix and in turn, told him a secret. She was in love with Marius. Jehan watched some days, as Marius talked about Cosette, he would watch his newfound friend's eyes fall and lose their happiness as her heart was slowly breaking. Jehan, being the poet he was, wrote several poems about the melancholy girl in love with a man who saw her as a friend, nothing more.  The streets of Paris were growing darker by the second. Soon the people who inhabited the "Underworld" of Paris would be out, doing their biddings. Jehan walked briskly down the pavement. He couldn't wait to see the look on Alix's face when she saw him with the bouquet of her favorite flowers. He sighed a happy sigh, thinking about Alix. They were planning to marry as soon as Jehan could secure enough money for a suitable home. Though, after the latest meeting of the ABC society, Jehan was worried. The way things were being planned, it would be a slim chance if any of them survived the Barricade. Jehan honestly didn't want to think what would happen. Jehan finally came across a small little cottage, light blazing through the window. It was obvious the owners were not rich, but that they made do with what they had. He crept upon the window, laying the flowers gently on the ground, gazed inside. A beautiful young girl was sitting inside beside her Father, reading from a book. The girl had glossy black hair, curled just slightly at the bottom. She had a simple dress on but to Jehan, it was more beautiful than any gown belonging to any grand lady. The man looked up and saw Jehan spying through the window. He smiled and beckoned Jehan to come inside. Jehan opened the door of the chalet. The house smelled of a dinner that had just been finished. It smelled of home. The girl looked up and her large brown eyes grew wide. She practically jumped off her chair and bounded towards him, virtually throwing herself in his arms.

            "Jehan! I was just talking about you! I wasn't sure if you were coming tonight! We've already eaten but I'm sure I can find something for you!" Alix said, pulling herself out of his arms and started toward the kitchen alcove.

            "Alix, I don't need anything! Just sit with me and talk, that is all I require at this moment." He exclaimed, taking her hand in his. She blushed slightly and took as seat close to Jehan. Her father, Richard, watched the couple with a smile. His own wife, Juliette, had died years before and it made him contented to see his daughter acting like his wife and he had acted when they had first met. Jehan was a gentleman and Richard didn't feel discomfort leaving him alone with Alix.

            "How are you, Mousier Jehan?" He asked, pulling the lovers out of their own little world.

"I am doing quite well, Mousier." Jehan replied, his eyes never leaving Alix's.

"Any news on the Barricades? When will they act on their plan to liberate France?" Richard inquired.

"Well, our leader, Enjolras, is waiting for a sign. Enjolras is quite focused on seeing a sign before we act out on anything. It could be days, weeks, months, even years. He is waiting for the perfect  moment." Jehan explained. He then remembered the pile of flowers that were sitting outside. He hurried and retrieved them.

"Oh! Jehan! Violets, my favorite!" She exclaimed, her eye sparkling. She took them and promptly put them in a vase of water. He then handed her the paper, which he had slipped in his pocket. It was a poem. She read it silently, her eyes slowly filling with tears. She looked up after she had finished.

"Oh, darling. I love you so dearly!" She whispered as he wrapped her in an embrace. After a few moments, he reluctantly released her.

"I must go, love. I will see you tomorrow! I just came to see your beautiful face and tell you 'I love you'." He said, then lowered his voice and whispered, "I love you."

She brought his face to her and kissed him gently. They released each other from the embrace and Jehan left. He felt strong and confident, like he could conquer anything when he was with her.


Days went by, every one of  them filled with planning revolution. But for Jehan, they were also filled with worry. What would happen to Alix if he died? It ate away at him. He didn't want to abandon Alix but he didn't want to desert his 'brothers'. One day, he confided to Eponine his uncertainties. They took a table near the back of the room, talking quietly.

            "What is your problem today, Jehan." Eponine asked, genuinely concerned for her friend.

            "I am so worried, 'Ponine. Enjolras has been talking of nothing except the barricade. I am afraid that....that I'll die on the Barricade and there will be no one to take care of Alix. Sure, she has her father, but he is getting older. I was just sure Alix and I would grow old together...." Jehan rambled.

"Jehan! Calm down! I doubt you'll die on the barricade. You could always back down. Say that you want to help the cause but you don't want to risk your life." Eponine suggested.

"No. I will not be a coward. I want to die for my country if necessary, I just want to make sure Alix will be taken care of." Jehan explained.

"How about this: If you die, which I highly doubt you will, I'll go and visit Alix. Every day. And she can ramble off about how great you are, like you're doing now." Eponine stated firmly with a teasing smile. Jehan was touched by this gesture, even if it was filled with joke.

"You are a tease, do you know that?" Jehan laughed.

"Mousier Marius informed me of that today. He told me 'I like the way you always tease'." Eponine smiled, her eyes looking at the floor.

"Ah, yes. How are things between you two? Is he noticing you more?" Jehan inquired.

"No, in fact, he sent me to find out where Cosette lives. He's only been staring at her in the park." Eponine reported sadly.

"You mean, he's never actually met her?!" Jehan asked, holding back his laughter.

"No, he hasn't. Why?"

"Because he's talked about her as if he had at least talked to her, not just watching her from the shadows!" Jehan said. He could not suppress his laughter. Eponine tried to hold it back, but soon her deep laughter mixed with Jehan's. After a few moments, after they had stifled their laughter, Eponine left to trace Cosette's whereabouts. The meeting started. Enjolras and several others started discussing the amounts of guns and supplies they had stockpiled. They didn't include Jehan in their tête-à-tête because he wasn't as skilled in the knowledge of weapons. He sat there, wondering how much time had gone by. It had to have been over an hour. Suddenly, a young urchin by the name of Gavroche burst into the cafe.

"Listen!" He cried. The room went deadly quiet, as Gavroche knew everything that was happening in Paris. If he wanted to say something, it was going to be important.

"General Lamarque is dead!" He said, slowly, as if he couldn't believe them himself. Gasps broke the silence. Everyone then began to talk at once. Enjolras cleared his throat and said,

"Lamarque, his death is the hour of fate!"

Cheers burst out among the students. Revolution was beginning.

"Gavroche, when will his funeral be held?" Enjolras requested.

"June 5th, to my knowledge." Gavroche answered.

"Then, brothers, we will begin our revolution on the funeral day of General Lamarque! I hope to see you all there, waiting to begin."

The roar started again. Everything was going too fast for Jehan. Five days. He had five days until the Barricades arrived. What would he fill those days with? Those days that could be his last. This confusion was going through his mind when he saw Eponine take Marius downstairs. She must have found the house of Cosette, he thought. And then, seeing love struck Marius and heartbroken Eponine, Jehan knew what he had to do.


It had to be around 10 o'clock as Jehan walked the streets of Paris. Faster and faster he walked, not worrying about the journey, only thinking of the destination. He passed the 'Lovely Ladies' at their posts. He could hear them calling out to him, but he took no notice. Finally, after what seemed like ages, he arrived at his target. He knocked on the door, then after no one answered, he pounded. He could see a candle bob through the glass of the window next to the door. The bolt was unfastened quickly and the door flew open.

"Jehan, what on earth is the matter?! You look pale." Alix exclaimed as she saw who was standing in the doorway. Her father was close behind her.

"I came straight from the meeting. Alix, I need to ask you something. But first, I need to inform you, the barricades are going to built in five days. At General Lamarque's funeral. And we aren't sure if we are going to make it." Jehan explained. Alix's face grew pale.

"So please, think about that as I ask my next question: Will you marry me?" Jehan asked, pulling out a small gold ring that he had bought weeks after meeting Alix. He hadn't been sure when he would purpose to her, but he had known, even after knowing her just weeks, that he would marry her.

"Oh, Jehan! Of course! Of course!" She cried, looking up at her father, who smiled with approval.

"Even though you may become a widow after just five days of being married?"

"Jehan, I would rather be married to you for an hour than not be married to you at all."


The couple married that night. Alix, Jehan, and Richard had banged on every church door until one kind (and very tired) Priest agreed to marry them. The couple spent every moment of those five days together. They were happier than they had ever been. But, soon, the dreaded day of June 5th appeared. It was early that morning. Jehan was about to leave. The couple walked outside, wanting to say their goodbyes privately. The street was desolate, not a soul in sight. The couple stared at each other, not sure how to go about saying their parting words. It could be their last time together and they wanted the words to count.

"I want to tell you that becoming your wife made me the happiest woman on earth. And-" Alix started but Jehan quieted her. He leaned in and kissed her gently.

"You becoming my wife made the happiest man on earth." Jehan whispered, feeling tears growing in his eyes.

"Is this really the last time I will see you?" Alix managed to choke-out between sobs.

"I hope not, dearest. But if so, know that my love will be with you forever." Jehan said, starting to cry himself. They threw themselves into each other's arms. They kissed as their tears mixed together. Finally, Jehan unwillingly pulled himself out of her arms.

"I love you, Alix." He whispered.

"I love you, Jehan."

And with that, Jehan Prouvaire left his darling wife in the street, crying, so that he could fight for her future.


    The barricade was built. Now they were waiting. Waiting. Eponine had died in the confusion of the first attack. The National Guard seemed to back down, planning their attack. Eponine had died in Marius' arms. After she was gone, Marius had kissed her forehead, showing that he had cared for Eponine, at least, in a friendly way. Since they were just waiting, Jehan pulled out a blank sheet of paper and pen. He began to write:

Dearest Wife,

If you are reading this, I am dead. I am so sorry to leave you like this. Know that I will always be with you. Please, if you find someone who treats you nicely, remarry. I hate to think you alone forever. Know that you were the sun to my dark world. I've loved you since the moment I saw you and I never stopped. Know that the last thoughts that went through my head was you. Please do not miss me too much, though I know I shall miss you.

I love you.....Forever,


Jehan folded the letter and wrote the address of Alix's house on it. He quietly walked over to the stern looking man who had come to help. He had disguised himself as a soldier and got through unharmed.

"Excuse me, Mousier..?" Jehan asked, realizing he didn't know the man's name.

"Fauchelevent." The man smiled kindly at the young man who stood before him.

"Well, Mousier Fauchelevent, if anyone is going to survive this, it will be you. And...Well, if I don't make it, could you take this letter to Madame Alix Prouvaire? The address is on the letter." Jehan explained, suddenly nervous the man would laugh at him. The man did nothing of the sort. He smiled at him with a fatherly smile and said,

"I shall do so. But I am sure you will make it through."

Jehan smiled back and spent the rest of the night waiting. Waiting.


During one attack, Jehan was taken prisoner.  At first, they just kept him tied up but then they put a gun to his chest. They waited, seeing if anyone would surrender. Enjolras looked at him, as if asking,  "Should we surrender?" Even their fearless leader was beginning to doubt this plan. Jehan shook his head, smiled, and mouthed, "Vive La France." Enjolras smiled and saluted. Within seconds, the bullet pierced through Jehan. He collapsed, breathing one last breath and whispering, "Alix".


Mousier Fauchelevent walked the streets, searching for a house. He glanced at the letter that was clasped in his hand. Soon, he came across a small house that bore the address on the letter. He knocked and waited. A young girl of perhaps 18, older than his daughter Cosette, answered the door. Her eyes were red and swollen. It was June 9th. No word had come from Jehan.

"Hello, are you Madame Prouvaire?" He inquired, kindly.

"Yes, I am she." She said, her voice cracking.

" I am here because a man on the barricade told me to deliver this letter to this address if something happened to him. I am so sorry for your loss. He died a hero, a prisoner of war. You were very lucky to know him." The man said, handing her the letter. She tore open the letter and read each word carefully, as if savoring it. She began to sob. A man, her father, can and lead her back inside. He then returned.

"Forgive my daughter, that was her husband." The man said.

"I figured. How long had they been married? They both looked so young." Mousier Fauchelevent inquired.

"They would have been married for 10 days today." The man spoke, a small catch appearing in his voice.

"My thoughts are with your family. I shall leave you to your mourning." Fauchelevent said, turning to leave. He would have liked to know that boy a bit better. The one who gave his life for freedom.

Hope you enjoyed!
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  1. *sniffle* Hello, so I found your blog {more like this post} via Pinterest. :'( Okay -- obviously you've read the book -- so I just wanted to let you know that I got that same gut-wrenching, heartbroken feel that I got when I read about poor Jehan's death in the brick, itself {!} while reading this.

    Jean Prouvaire is my favorite character in the entire book {tied with Valjean perhaps} and let me say this was so beeeeauutifuuuulll!!!! I usually don't like fan-fics, but this one -- *sniffle-sob* I LOVED it!

    Anyway, I read the entire first half with a ridiculous grin on my silly face, and the second half with a heartbroken feeling in myself.

    I loved how sweet he was with Alix and I loved Alix's father. He seems so nice. :) It was quite nice to actually have a story about the girl he was in love with which Hugo only , barely, alluded to. Ooh! Plus, I LOVE how you had Jehan and Eponine confiding in each other - they're so sweet! {in a friendship way, of course} And when he proposes --- O.O JEHAN!!!!

    *cough* eh-hem! Sorry. *cough*

    Thank you for writing a few more words on behalf of my favorite character who got a grand total of about two paragraphs devoted to him plus only a few sentences when he was shot! I loved it.

    Brava, brava!!! {If you write anymore Les Miserables fan-fics, I for one will be sure to read them!}

    Au Revoir!

    1. Thank you so much for reading! I had fun writing this and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yes, I agree, Jehan wasn't really talked about a lot in the Brick, which is what inspired me to write this. The fact that you felt the same feeling reading this as you did while reading about his death in the Brick is...well, it's a brilliant feeling for me as an author. I don't usually read Fan-Fiction but as I was writing my other Fan fiction, Beyond the Barricade (Feel free to check that one out as well!), I started thinking about Jehan. I knew that Victor Hugo had that line, "He was in love." and I started thinking, 'Well, he had to have a story....I wonder what it was?" And then I thought, "I can write one!" It wasn't intended to be so sad, he and Alix weren't going to get married. And then, last night (I had been having writers block), I sat down and started writing. And suddenly I had this terribly depressing love story that I was actually crying over. Thanks again for reading this and leaving this amazing comment which is the greatest compliment I've ever recived, by the way!

  2. Erg! So this is my third time trying to write this comment. -_- Every time I go to publish it something happens it gets all deleted, forcing me to start over. Oh well. Eh-hem!

    You're very welcome! I honestly loved it and I knew you'd want to know. :) I shall definitely check out Beyond the Barricade. Les Miserables leaves you with such a dreadful hole in your heart due to all the sudden deaths and unexpected endings of characters, that sometimes you just need a little something more. :( It's a very good thing that I read this Jean Prouvaire one a good two weeks after reading in the brick about his death. I would have broken down into legitimate tears. :) {that's a compliment} If you can get me to cry then you have done a mighty thing, indeed. *grin*

    Hehe! I can imagine! but hey! Sometimes the best stories have the most depressing love stories and endings! {*cough* Les Miserables *cough* *cough}

    Keep up the good work!!!


    1. Yes, Les Miserables does leave you with a hole in your heart that you can never get back! Yeah, I've been publishing ~Beyond the Barricade~ on this blog if you wanna check it out. It's more of a continuation of the story with Cosette and Marius' daughter, Angeline. She goes out to find the families of the Friends of the ABC society!

  3. Oh, okay -- I'll probably check that out tomorrow then! :) ooh, the families of the Amis? that sounds intriguing....


  4. Just jumping into the conversation to add that I'm now crying. That was so beautiful, Sydney. I'm so happy that someone finally chose to write a fanfiction about Jehan. But really my heart is broken.

    1. Awww, thank you, Sierra! I know, it wasn't supposed to be that sad...And then it just suddenly became this depressing yet beautiful story that I myself was sobbing at. These comments are seriously the best feedback I've ever recieved.