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~Beyond the Barricade~ Part 5

The title says it all.....
Not a very long part but I promise there will be more excitement (And we definitly will go to a Barricade Boy's family in the next one...Just trying to set the mood for what's to come)!





                ~Beyond the Barricade~ Part 5

The night was falling quickly and Chandler and Angeline didn't know where to go. They were too far away to stay with Maria and they didn't feel like they could go and ask Madame Fortscue for a room for the night. They wandered aimlessly around the streets, glancing at each other every few minutes. Chandler couldn't help but think her very pretty. No, pretty was too small of a word for her. She was gorgeous, iridescent, and stunning. She had lustrous russet hair, swept up in a bun, though a few hairs had escaped in the past day. Her eyes were beautiful, like pools of water. He couldn't help but be in awe of her.

"Today was a successful day." Chandler offered, trying to start a conversation.

"Yes, but I don't think it will always be like this." Angeline countered.

"I know, but it was still a productive day..." Chandler replied. Angeline smiled slightly.

"It was, wasn't it?" Angeline said. Chandler grinned. There was something about his smile that was contagious. Her smile grew bigger and bigger until she was sure her face would burst. Their hands touched. They both held their breath, wondering if the other would pull away. Neither one did. Chandler blushed and looked away. It was funny, Angeline thought, that this morning he didn't even want to come along with her and yet here they were, their hands touching. Just the back of their hands, scarcely touching. Yet it made her heart flutter just the same.

"What do you would you do, Mademoiselle, if you could have whatever occupation you wanted?" Chandler asked. It was a random question, yet Angeline felt touched that he would ask her such a question.

"Well, I guess I haven't really thought of that. I just assumed I would live with my parents until they found me a suitable husband and then I would live with him. Hmm, I guess I would be a writer. I would write novels for young people, like myself. Not silly trivial novels with no meaning but serious books about serious matters that came with good morals." Angeline replied. Chandler's eye lit up.

"I've always wanted to be a writer too. A playwright." He said enthusiastically. Angeline looked surprised.

"You don't look like the type. But, still, that is amazing. Have you written anything recently?" She asked.

"No, I haven't had the time. I mostly write about real life, not trivial things that most plays cover. Mostly about poor people in Paris. Nothing great, but I enjoy writing it. So I guess that's all that matters." He said, kicking a stone. Why was she making him bashful? He had never acted like that before. The sun was slowly setting, leaving the evening cold. Angeline shivered, realizing that in her rush to leave before her parents returned, that she had forgotten a coat. Chandler noticed her trembling and the way her eyes drooped with fatigue. He looked around the area of the great city they were at. It was better part of town. Not many dismal houses that was linked with poverty. He steered her to a nearby bench, taking his coat out of his small satchel and draped it over her shoulders.

"Oh, Chandler, you do not need to give me that." She said, as she tried to slip the coat off. His hand touched her shoulder gently as if the stop the coat from coming off. He sat down on the bench and she followed, slipping the coat onto her shoulders. His hand slipped into hers. She smiled at this motion, not resisting. They sat in perfect silence until they both fell into a gentle slumber.


Cosette and Marius paced the room, wringing their hands. It had now been two nights since Angeline had gone missing. They had contacted the authorities but they hadn't been given any information. The police had better things to do than track down a rebellious socialite. Cosette let a little sigh out, the tears that hadn't stopped since the night before came faster now. Marius went to comfort his wife. He held her as she sobbed into his arms. She pulled out of his arms and looked up at him. He was forty-two, graying slightly in places in his hair. Still, he looked the same as he had when they had first met in her garden. She hadn't changed much either, still youthful in her appearance, even at thirty-eight. Still, time had touched her, leaving several creases around her face.

"She will come back, tu." He said gently, stroking her hair.

"Where is she sleeping? Where is she at? The thoughts are practically driving me insane!" She cried.

"It will be fine. We shall find her soon."


Angeline awoke early in the morning. Her head was rested on Chandler's shoulder, his head laid gently on top of hers. Her hand was still firmly clasped in his. She smiled. She didn't want to pull her head away from this comfortable position. But, almost as if he knew she was awake, Chandler roused. He smiled at her, moving his head. Their hands were still clasped, neither of them attempting to release the other. Neither one of them spoke, worried that they would break the spell that surrounded them. It was if they were the only two people alive. Much to Angeline's surprise, Chandler moved toward her and kissed her gently. Just one, tiny kiss, yet it meant the world to Angeline. He pulled away as quickly as he had gone in. He smiled and asked,

"Now, who should we track down today?"       

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  1. Sorry that it took me so long to read this but I've been on a trip and so things were pretty crazy! Anyhow, I loved it and I'm very quickly falling in love with Chandler as a fictional character. Can't wait for the next part!

    1. I'm glad you like Chandler! He's a fun character to write about!:) I hope you had fun on your trip!:)

  2. Yes, I did thank you!

    I can imagine Chandler would be a fun character to write about. It just makes me so happy to think that some of the boys really could have had children and that through them they could have lived on.