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~Beyond the Barricade~ Part 9.....

Hey guys!
Sorry about no post for a really long time. I've been super busy/too lazy to write anymore fan fic.

Yesterday, I had a choir compition for school so I spent the most of the day at a college. It was absolutely fun! But I must say my favorite part was a impromptu Les Mis Sing-Along with my two of my close friends. We were just chilling out in our designated classroom we could go hang-out in in between our group ensambles, and we started looking through my iPod. Of course, since they are both major Mizzies, they went straight for my movie-soundtrack. We did an epic 'One Day More', 'In My Life/A Heart Full Of Love', and 'Red and Black'. We were pretty sure we were going to get in trouble for being so loud, but we didn't. It was a pretty amazing day.

But, enough about me. You all are ready for more ~Beyond the Barricade~! Only one more part is left of this Fan Fiction! But, I still need to finish my Combeferre one and I need to get started on the Joly fan fiction I promised you all!

~Beyond the Barricade~ Part 9

Two days past. They found the families of Joly and Barhol, but learned very little. They soon ran out of money and were eating the last loafs of bread that Angeline had brought with her. And she had been eating very little. They were becoming rather stale.

They were on their way to find the last family when Angeline grew rather pale and collapsed on the street.

"Angeline?! Are you alright?" Chandler asked, a bit panicked.

 "I don't know...I just feel weak. My head is spinning..." Angeline said weakly. 

"That's it. Angeline, I'm taking you home. We've gone to enough houses. It's time you go home. Where do you live?" He asked. He was getting worried. Angeline seemed to not be able to focus. 

"I live...I live in..." She said, as if she was try to remember but just couldn't seem to. 

"Angeline, darling, I need you to focus. Where do you live?" Chandler commanded with a nervous edge in his voice. 

She whispered her address to him and he picked her up and started walking. He could feel her getting weak. He was going to panic if he didn't get her home soon. After a half an hour, he arrived at a large manor. He took a deep breath and knocked. A brown-haired woman answered the door. 

"Oh my! Angeline! Marius!!! Marius, come down quickly! MARIUS!" The woman cried, ushering the young man, who had her daughter in his arms, into the giant entry way. A middle-aged man flew down the stairs. 

"Angeline?! Angeline!" He called, taking the girl out of Chandler's arms. 

"What's wrong with her?" The woman asked, stroking her daughter's hair. Angeline seemed to conscious, just a bit delirious. She was obviously starving. 

"I just think she hasn't eaten much lately." Chandler said, silently scolding himself for not making sure she had plenty to eat. She just always seemed perfectly fine with what she had. He had forgotten she was a rich girl who was used to mounds and mounds of food. 

"Madeline! Go fetch some Bisque! Quickly!" The man who Chandler assumed was Marius Pontmercy called to a stout woman in the doorway. 

"Who are you, Monsieur?" The woman asked. 

"I am Chandler Molyneux, Madame." He replied, glancing down at the pale girl who had said nothing since arriving. She was just slowly eating the soup the woman had brought for her. 

"Oh my! You are Courfeyrac's son!" Marius said. "I am Marius and this is my wife, Cosette. How did you find Angeline?" 

"She found my mother and I accompanied her on her journey to find the families of the men on the barricade." Chandler responded, glancing again at Angeline who smiled. 

"Chandler, come sit by me." She said, weakly. He took a seat on the floor of the entry where everyone had seemed to sit. He took her hand. 

"Well, we thank you for looking after our daughter. We were worried." Cosette said, trying to ignore the fact her daughter was hand-in-hand with this man they knew nothing about. 

"You shouldn't have been. Your daughter can handle herself." Chandler said. 

"How are you, dearest?" Cosette asked her daughter. 

"I am feeling much better, Mama!" Angeline said, embracing her mother. 

"We are so glad you are back." Marius said, joining the hug. 

Chandler felt a bit envious. He would do anything to have a family. He had his mother, of course, but it wasn't the same as having a family. 
Angeline walked down the stairs. It was late at night. She could see Chandler sitting in the parlor. 

"How are you?" He asked as she sat her candle down on the table. 

"I'm feeling much better. Thank you for taking me home." Angeline said, sitting in a chair next to his. 

"Of course." He smiled. 

"Papa said he would tell us all about the June Rebellion tomorrow." Angeline revealed. 

"Oh, that's great! I am looking forward to it." He said. 

"Well, we both had better get to sleep. It's been a busy last couple of days for us." Angeline said, getting up. 

"I love you, Angeline." Chandler said. She leaned in and kissed him. They kissed in the dark of the big house. 

"I love you, Chandler." She replied and hurried up the stairs. 
The next morning, Angeline woke up early and dressed quickly. She practically ran down the stairs. She walked into the parlor, where Chandler had slept the night before. It was empty. She looked around. There was no sign he had been there. She walked into the entryway and saw a letter with her name on it. She opened it. 

My Dearest Angeline,
Please do not hate me for this, but after coming to your home, I realized we come from different worlds. You deserve better than a poor chap who has been laid off of three jobs this year. I love you and that's why I'm leaving. Forget all about me, Love, and find someone who is worthy of you. I am sorry. Forgive me. 
I love you, Angeline. 

Hope you enjoyed!
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  1. I enjoyed your fan fic. I find it hard to picture Marius and Cosette with a daughter, though I find it hard to imagine them at all after ValJean died.

    Now I want to watch the movie again.

  2. P.S.
    In answer to your comment.

    I was happy to hear you liked the new Oz movie, it only made me want to watch it even more. I have heard a lot about "Wicked." I never read or watched the musical because I heard there were things in it which weren't good, but now I am starting to wonder if I just heard wrong. A lot of people I know like it a lot, and they are ones who wouldn't like the things which were said to be in it. I don't even remember where I heard that so am starting to second guess my resource in that matter.

    1. It's fantastic! Now, the book is a bit do I put it....racier than the musical so I usually just stick to the musical. Other than a part in the beginning and toward the end, it's very clean. And fun(: